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Sir John Ambrose Fleming

Lancaster 29.November.1849- Sidmouth (Devonshire) 18.April.1945

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Fleming fifties had already gained a great deal of experience when it became the first scientific adviser to the company Marconi in December 1900.  He graduated in physics and chemistry, a pupil of the great James Clerk Maxwell in Cambridge and had worked for companies that Edison for Bell telephone companies. In 1884, he was appointed the first professor of electrical engineering at the University Electrical Engineering at University College, London - a place that will maintain for 41 years.  Marconi has entrusted the design of power stations of the first transatlantic. In 1904, Fleming filed a patent of its most important invention, the thermionic valve. Fleming has maintained its collaboration with the company Marconi almost until the day of his death in April 1945 at the age of 95 years.