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  James Clerk   Maxwell


Edinburh 13.November.1831- Cambridge 5.Novembre.1879
1864  Recherches of the electromagnetic waves 


To its exceptional dowries of theorist to the foundation of the kinetic theory of gases and that one of the electromagnetic field must, beyond to contributions of Association of Bologna in the thermodynamics, in the theory of the colors, astrophysics.        

Eight December 1864 Maxwell introduces, to the Royal Society, a relationship from the title it "To Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field", in which its famous equations are contained.
The work of Maxwell realizes in one mirabile synthesis that fuses the magnetic field and the electric field in one new entity,  the electromagnetic field. Maxwell reaches the certainty of the electromagnetic field, that is to the fact that a variable electric field generates a magnetic

Unifying in a single theory all the complex interactions between currents electrical workers and magnetism, in which the forces they not only depend on the positions, but also from the movements, electromagnetism of Maxwell concurs, like the gravitation of Newton, an ulterior approach to the study of the cosmos.
The ideas of vanguard of Maxwell are only prevailed to the attention of the scientific world after 1873, when it comes published, to Oxford, the treaty "Treatise of electricity and magnetism", concentrated of all science electrical worker seen second the theory of the action through means, with perfect mathematical theory and correspondent to the truths experiences them, giving not only a unitary explanation of the optical and electromagnetic phenomena and introducing the field concept, but destroying that one of ether and allowing to preview, for via pure mathematical, the possibility of the existence of electromagnetic waves.