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Wilhelm Eduard  Weber

Wittenberg (Saxony Germania) 24.October.1804- Göttingen 23.June.1891

Biographical notes



The son of a university professor of theology, so grew in a scientific environment, enters 1822 at Halle and presents his graduation in 1826 (1). Wrote in a 1824 treaty on the waves together with his brother Ernst Heinrich, known physiologist, collaborated with the other brother Eduard Friedrich for the study of walking.  In 1828 access to the chair of physics at the University of Halle, after three years gets to teach Gottiga to abandon for political reasons (In 1837 Queen Victoria of Britain becomes his uncle rises to the throne of Hanover withdrawal and the establishment liberal along with Weber seven other teachers to protest the abolition of the constitution) (2). After a few years is a professor of physics at Leipzig (1843) and in 1849 to teach regains Gottiga. worked with Carl Friedrich Gauss study of geomagnetism Leipzig and worked on instrumentation measures for electricity, especially for electronic dynamo meter for absolute measures. In 1850 became member of the Royal Society.



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