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Johann Karl Friedrich  Gauss

Braunschweig 30.April.1777- Göttingen, Hanover 23.February.1855
Telegraph  galvanometric


In 1833 together to the collaborator Wilhelm Weber it constructs telegraphic front line, long approximately a kilometer between the observatory and the laboratory of physics of the university (to private use) in the city of  Gottiga constituted from a key, one battery and like receiving unit a galvanometer.(1) Mathematician, astronomer, physicist and German geodesist. He executed the first rigorous demonstration of the "fundamental theorem of algebra", second which every algebraic equation admits in the complex field an equal number of roots to its degree.  In as far as the studies of geodesy-geometry, Gauss,     leaving from cartographic problems, the theory of the consistent exposure of the superficial ones elaborated.  In astronomy it introduced a new method in order to gain the elements of an orbit alone three observations Curve of Gauss (or Gaussian, said also curve of the errors or the probabilities): curve that represents the law of distribution of the accidental  errors of observation.

Notes: 1)  Galvanometer with reading to mirror introduced from Poggendorf in 1826 and improved from Gauss in 1832.