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Karl August von Steinheil 

Rapportsweiler 12 October 1801 - Monaco 12 settembre 1870
Biographical notes

He studied at the University of Göttingen Konigsberg was a student of Prof.. Bessel he graduated in 1825. Professor of mathematics and natural philosophy (Physics) in Munich from 1832 to 1849, 1835 to see how the telegraph built by Gauss and Weber discovered to 1838, which broadcasts telegraph just one
Electrical conductor he can use as a conduit to "return" the land. Between 1849 and 1852 organized telegraph communications in Austria

                  Steinheil 1836 invented a telegraph recorder, needles furniture record the message with dots writing with ink printer on a paper tape mobile, according to a peculiar that with few signs were given to the most common letters in German. With this apparatus the message was recorded at a speed of six words a minute.