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Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Charlestown, - Massachusetts 27.April.1791-New York 02.April.1872


History biographical   Samuel Finley Breese Morse



Born on April 27 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, the firstborn of Jedidiah Morse, Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese.     

Born his brother Sidney Edwards Morse February 7  

The second brother Richard Cary Morse comes to light on June 18.


Enter at the Phillips, Andover, Massachusetts.  

He began attending the University of Yale

He graduated at Yale and works at Daniel Mallory, publisher of Boston.

July Leaves for London with Washington Allston, studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

December Morse staying with Charles Leslie of Philadelphia, another student of painting. He became a friend of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, fellow Charles Bird King, the plaintiff and painter John Howard Payne, and the English painter Benjamin Robert Haydon.

Morse take part in an art exhibition in London with a clay statue of Hercules death, and wins a medal
gold the company to Adelphi.


October the United States and opens an art studio in Boston

In search of commissions for portraits sustain economically, Morse travels in New Hampshire and knows Lucretia Pickering, which will be the future wife.

-29 September Samuel he married Lucretia Walker Pickering to Concord, New Hampshire.

-2 September the first-born Susan Walker Morse

The city of Charleston to Morse commissioned a portrait of President James Monroe.

March 7 Born the second son Charles Walker Morse.

Opens a study art in New York City

January 7 the third child born Edward James Finley Morse

On 7 February the wife dies suddenly Lucrezia age of 25 years.

January-founded the National Academy of Design in New York where he became its president

On 9 June the father dies Jedidiah

May 28 dies mother Elizabeth Ann Finley Breese

Disegno tratto dai diari 22 dicembre 1829November Leave their children to relatives and party for the visit Europe where Lafayette in Paris and visit museums throughout Europe.

And 'appointed professor of painting and sculpture at New York (now New York University).

And 'appointed Professor of Literature of the Arts and Design at the University of the City of New York

Post Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States (New York: Leavitt, Lord & co.) In the periodical New York Observer.Morse construct a telegraph recorder with a tape of paper and show a lot of friends and acquaintances.

It applies to the election as Mayor of New York in party (anti-immigration) and obtained 1,496 votes.

September 28 presents Morse patent for the telegraph. Yes withdraws from a painter to devote himself to telegraph

January  Morse code creates the famous 

February 8 presents the Morse telegraph to the Scientific Committee of Philadelphia's Franklin Institute. and the Office House of Representatives   Committee on Commerce, presided over by F.O. J.Smith of Maine. 


February 21 presents the Morse telegraph to President Martin Van Buren in his studio.Presidente Martin Van Buren (1782-1862) presidente dal 1837 al 1841

The March member of Congress Smith membership in the telegraph, with Morse, and Alfred Vail Leonard Gale.

On 6 April Smith promotes congress in the allocation of a sum of $ 30,000 to build a line of telegraph fifty miles, but is not approved May Morse is in Europe for patent for its electromagnetic telegraph in England, France and Russia. But only obtains patents French.

In Paris, Morse met Louis Daguerre, inventor of the daguerreotype, and publish the first in America to the process of photography.  Morse is one of the pioneers of "daguerreotypes" in the USA

Morse gets a patent in the United States for his telegraph.

Opens a study Dragherrotypie (photo) with John William Draper in New York

His presence as a candidate for mayor but gets less than one hundred votes.

Morse experiences underwater transmission for two miles between Battery and Governor's Island in New York Harbor

March 3 The Congress has allocated $ 30,000 for an experimental telegraph line from Washington, DC, to Baltimore, Maryland. Construction of the line will begin several months later.

24 May Morse transmits the message telegraphic "What hath God wrought?" By the Supreme Court chamber in the Capitol in Washington, DC, storage rail B & O Railroad Depot in Baltimore, Maryland.

Spring Morse chooses as its agent for the USA Amos Kendall,

In May, Kendall and F. O. J. Smith  The telegraph from Baltimore to Philadelphia and New York. found the Magnetic Telegraph Company for the Magnetic 

Summer Morse is in Europe to promote its patents and ensure its rights to the telegraph.

Morse bought the grove of Locust, (Locust Grove) a property that is crossed by the Hudson River near Poughkeepsie, New York (Hudson).

Bride Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, a second cousin, twenty-six years younger than him, on August 10.

Born Samuel Arthur Breese Morse July 25, the fourth son.

April 8 sees the light on the fifth child, Cornelia (Leila) Livingston Morse.

Born the sixth child Goodrich William Morse January 31

The Supreme Court hears U.S. complaints of Morse for a patent on the telegraph.  All U.S. companies that use its system begin to pay copyright to Morse. Morse is a democratic candidate in the district of Poughkeepsie, New York. But not successful

On 29 March was born on the seventh and last child Edward Morse Lind 

1857-1858 Morse is adviser to the Cyrus W.  Field's company for the laying of the first transatlantic cable but fails.

The Magnetic Telegraph Company is incorporated by Field's American Telegraph Company.

Morse is director of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York.


He moved with his second wife and their four children in France, and stay there until 1868.8.  

Morse is representative of the United States at the universal of Paris. 

On 2 April Morse died in New York City at the age of eighty years. It is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn