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Samuel Finley Breese Morse

Charlestown, - Massachusetts 27.April.1791-New York 02.April.1872

Biographical notes



In 1799 at the Log Phillips, Andover, Massachusetts. Follow his studies at Yale College (now Yale University) from 1805 to 1810, and graduated there. In 1811 he moved to London to attend the Royal Academy of Arts and became a painter and sculptor of success. Back in America in 1815 and opened an art studio in Boston. On 29 September 1818 he married Lucretia Pickering which has three children. His wife leaves him on February 7, 1825 Also in 1825 contributed to the founding of the National Academy of Design in New York, he became professor of painting and sculpture at New York University in 1832. was 25 years.

During this period he started to take an interest in experimenting telegraph and developing a telegraphic apparatus. The 1835 sees Literature Professor of the Arts and Design at the University of the City of New York, the following year he works on the political life of New York introducing itself to the elections as mayor with little success. On 28 September 1837 presented (patent of Telegraph daguerreotype) and becomes pure American pioneer of photography.  Finally on March 3, 1843 can obtain an appropriation of funds for an experimental telegraph line that builds and tests on 24 May'44 Together with the employees based Magnetic Telegraph the Magnetic Telegraph Company to continue the construction of other sections that telegraph soon expand throughout the world. On 10 August 1848 was answer with Sarah Elizabeth Griswold a cousin 26 years younger than him, which will increase with the family of four children. In 1854 must vindicate his rights before the US Supreme Court for the patent which are recognized giving economic tranquility.  It shuts down in 1872 in New York.