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Johann Wilhelm Hittorf


Bonn 27.March.1824-Münster 28.November.1914
1869   Cathode ray tube

Plucker studies on electrical discharges in rarefied gases were continued by his pupil JW Hittorf <1> (1824-1914), using the pump Sprengel, was able to get pressure less than 0,001 mbar. Around 1869 determines that the electrical discharge in a vacuum tubes (or rarefied gas) are accompanied by "glow rays" (shining rays), which subsequently nominate 'cathode rays' (katodnih).  Always verify experimentally that katodnih are deflessi by magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

note: 1) The historical section of the trail from teaching katodnih to 1676-1895 (from dawn to X-rays) University of Ferrara Department of Physics secondapaginaelena/schede/centro.htmàE0/museo/museo/