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Lee De Forest

Council Bluffs, Iowa 26.August.1873- Hollywood, California 30.June.1961

Brief biographical history of Lee De Forest 

1873 Born in August 26, Council Bluffs, Iowa father Henry Swift DE FOREST mother Anna Margaret ROBBINS

1878 Born his brother Charles Mills DE FOREST
1898 The father dies Henry Swift DE FOREST
1896-1899  He graduated with a thesis "The Reflection of Hertzian Waves at the End of Parallel Wires"
1900  Work at Western Electric Co.. , Chicago, Ill.
1901  Found  The American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co..United Wireless Telegraph Co). (Later
1905 He developed the prototype of 'audion amplifier
1906  Develop the Triode (vacuum tube)

They married on February 17 with Lucille Sheardown in New York (hence divorced in 1907)
1908  They married Nora Blatch (hence divorced in 1912)-which union born Harriet Blatch DE FOREST (1909?)
1910 It transmits the voice of Enrico Caruso radio by Metropolitan Opera House, New York, NY
1912  It marries Mary Mayo (which they divorced in 1930) and have children:
 Eleanor DE FOREST, Marilyn DE FOREST  
1913  Presents the prototype oscillator with audion tube
1916 Opens a radio station
1919  Patented  phonofilm device for making talking pictures
ca. 1920 Public How to Set Up an Amateur Radio Receiving Station (New York, NY: De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Co. 32 pp.)
ca. 1922  Post "Wireless in the Home" (New York, NY: De Forest Radio Telephone and Telegraph Co. 32 pp.)
1923  Demonstration of the movie Rivoli Theater, New York, NY De Forest Co Phonofilm.
1930  It marries  Marie Mosquini ( Los Angeles, California, USA 3 December 1899 – Los Angeles, California, USA 21 February1983)   Marie Mosquini
1934 Opens Lee De Forest, Inc.., Los Angeles, Calif.
1942  Publish "Television, Today and Tomorrow" (New York, NY: Dial Press. 361 pp.)
1947 Receives recognition of Edison Medal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1950 Publish "Father of Radio" (Chicago, Ill..: Wilcox and Fallett. 502 pp.)
1951  June 30 - Appointment as Vice President of the National Association for Better Radio and Television
1961 He died in Hollywood, Calif.