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Lee De Forest

Council Bluffs, Iowa 26.August.1873- Hollywood, California 30.June.1961


  Biographical notes


The Father Lee was a minister of religion and wanted his son to follow the same path thus sent him to study in Massachusetts. In 1896 until'99 attending., Yale University, New Haven, Conn.. He graduated with a thesis "The Reflection of Hertzian Waves at the End of Parallel Wires."The following year is used at the Western Electric Co.. , of Chicago, and only one year after their first job (1901) creates American De Forest Wireless Telegraph Co.. (then United Wireless Telegraph Co. )  (Later United Wireless Telegraph Co.) Which denotes the possession of business skills. Already in 1905 studying and developing the prototype of 'audion amplifier - Triode that patented in 1907. He continued his work in the application of his invention that makes him groped by radio transmission of an evening with Henry Caruso from New York's Metropolitan Opera House with some success, but the times are not yet ripe for the launch of a radio and leaves historic track but not yet in society.  Over twenty years working with the film industry by designing a technique for the sound and this creates the Phonofilm Forest Corporation. Still without funds for the costs of research, patents, new cases for the defense of themselves, and four wives Devised by the tumultuous life of Lee. In old age wrote an autobiography under the title "Father of Radio" (The father of radio).