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Federico Faggin


Isola Vicentina (Vicenza,Italy)  December 1, 1941
1971 Microprocessor    

Inventor the first microprocessor with Hoff and Mazor


He graduated from Instituto Industriale at Vicenza in 1959. His experience begins Olivetti as an assistant engineer and is involved in planning for the birth of a small computer.  In 1961 Olivetti leaves to complete his education and in 1965 he graduated in physics from the University of Padua.  with 110 and praise.  In 1967 is Sgs Fairchild (now Sgs Ates) develops where the process for the manufacture of circuits Mos, was promoted to head of the group in 1968 and Mos is found in the United States to the laboratory development of the same Fairchild in Palo Alto in California , which develops the Mos Silicon Gate. In 1970 switch to Intel and realized here in the first 4-bit microprocessor (the famous Mcs 4) then to the 8-bit microprocessor, the 8080 (only later without Intel Faggin Churning the 8088, the first that was then a discreet commercial success). birth to the tool that has revolutionized the world of IT and life in recent years. In 1974 Faggin allows Intel to found his Zilog Inc..  And here comes another legendary the Z80 microprocessor. Is the beginning of the small computer mass, no longer reserved for large companies, but ends in the homes of so many fans that follow from the outset that phenomenon which henceforth will be called
He graduated in physics, he worked at Fairchild Semiconductor in Palo Alto. In 1970 he directed the planning and development department of Intel Corporation. It 'was co-founder of Zilog Inc..  Where he was president and adviser of directors.  In 1982 he was one of the founders of Cygnet Technologies, and in 1986, Synaptics whose chairman and adviser of directors.  In 1988 he received the international Marconi Award for his contribution to the birth of the microprocessor in the same year, the Gold Medal for Science and Technology of the Italian presidency of the Council. 


Time Line  biographical

1941 Born in  Vicenza
1959 He graduated in 1959 at Vicenza Institute Rossi
1965 He graduated in physics from the University of Padua
1967 Work to SGS-Fairchild, Italy
1970 Researchers at Intel Corp. at., Working on the draft
Development of the microprocessor 4004
1974 President of Zilog Inc., U.S.A. 
1982 President of Cygnet Technologies, Inc..
1986-today President of Synaptics, Inc..