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Charles Wheatstone

Gloucester 6 Febbraio 1802 -Parigi  19 Ottobre 1875
Wheatstone Charles, Description of the Kaleidophone, or Phonic Kaleidoscope; a new Philosophical Toy, for the Illustration of several Interesting and Amusing Acoustical and Optical Phenomena, in "The Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, and Art", first part, London 1827
On the resonances, or reciprocated vibrations of columns or air Sir Charles Wheatstone 1828 - 11 pagine
Wheatstone Charles, Contributions to the Physiology of Vision. No. I, in "Journal of the Royal Institution", October 1830 (pubblicazione anonima)
Wheatstone Charles, Contributions to the Physiology of Vision. No. II, in "Journal of the Royal Institution", May 1831
An account of some experiments to measure the velocity of electricity and the duration of electric light Sir Charles Wheatstone  Richard Taylor, 1834
Wheatstone Charles, On binocular vision; and on the stereoscope, an instrument for illustrating its phenomena, Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, pt. 2, London? 1838
On the figures obtained by strewing sand on vibrating surfaces Sir Charles Wheatstone Printed by Richard Taylor, 1833 - 41 pagine
An account of some experiments to measure the velocity of electricity and the duration of electric light Sir Charles Wheatstone  Richard Taylor, 1834
Sur les travaux récents qui ont eu pour objet l'étude de la vitesse de propagation de l'électricité Élie François Wartmann, Sir Charles Wheatstone, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove    - 19 pagine  (Archives de l'electricité, Volume 2 Bureau de la Bibliothèque universelle, 1842) (1)
Collection of pamphlets on electric measurements  James Thomson Bottomley, Cromwell Fleetwood Varley, Sir Charles Wheatstone1843
Meteorological journal Royal Society (Great Britain), William Hasledine Pepys, Sir Charles Wheatstone Royal Society, 1843 - 30 pagine
Traité de télégraphie électrique:  renfermant son histoire, sa théorie et la description des appareils, avec les deux mémoires de M. Wheatstone ... Moigno (François Napoléon Marie, abbé), Sir Charles Wheatstone  --A. Franck, 1849 - 420 pagine
Miscellaneous manuscripts Sir Charles Wheatstone 1851 Memorandum of Wheatstone's contributions to various books. The date "Sept. 1851" is added in pencil in a different hand.
Sur les recherches de M. Quetelet, relatives a l'électricité de l'atmosphère:
entreprises avec l'électrometre de Peltier Sir Charles Wheatstone W. Hayez, 1851 - 16 pagine
Contributions to the physiology of vision: On some remarkable, and hitherto unobserved, phænomena of binocular vision  Sir Charles Wheatstone   1852 - 267 pagine
On the binocular microscope, and on stereoscopic pictures of microscopic objects
Sir Charles Wheatstone, Edwin Lankester   Printed by W. Clowes - 4 pagine
Invention of the Electric Telegraph. The charge against Sir Charles Wheatstone, of “tampering with the press,” as evidenced by a letter of the editor of the “Quarterly Review” in 1855. Reprinted from the “Scientific Review.”. Thomas Fothergill COOKE, Rev., M.A. London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ; Bath : R. E. Peach, 1869. (1)
reply to Mr. Cooke's pamphlet, "The Electric Telegraph; was it invented by ... Di Sir Charles Wheatstone,Thomas Fothergill Co (1)
Specification of Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke: electric telegraphs
Sir Charles Wheatstone, William Fothergill Cooke  Published and sold at the Patent Office, 1885 - 44 pagine
Letters addressed by Professor Wheatstone and Sir David Brewster to the editor of "The Times," respecting the original invention of the stereoscope  Sir Charles Wheatstone, Sir David Brewster Henry Greenwood, 1856 - 7 pagine
The electric telegraph: was it invented by professor Wheatstone? : a reply to Mr. Wheatstone's answer William Fothergill Cooke, Sir Charles Wheatstone (1)
The Universal Private Telegraph Co. (Limited): Professor Wheatstone's patents Sir Charles Wheatstone 1858 - 12 pagine
A catalogue of music for the concertina, harmonium, &c. published by Wheatstone and Co   inventors and patentess of the concertina, and manufacturers and importers of harmoniums, 20, Conduit Street, Regent Street, London, W.  Wheatstone and Co, Sir Charles Wheatstone  Printed by J. Mallet - 32 pagine
Report to the Secretary of State for War   Sir Charles Wheatstone, Sir Frederick Augustus Abel, Great Britain. War Office  Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode ..., for H.M.S.O., 1861 - 25 pagine
Interpretation of an important historical document in cipher Charles I (King of England), Sir Charles Wheatstone, Stephen Goffe s.n. - 32 pagine
Experimental researches on the transmission of electric signals through submarine cables: Laws of  transmission through various lengths of one cable, Parte 1 Fleeming Jenkin, Sir Charles Wheatstone - 31 pagine  (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 152;Volume 152) (1) 
The electric telegraph: was it invented by Prof. Wheatstone?    William Fothergill Cooke. 1866
Authorship of the practical electric telegraph of Great Britain: or, The Brunel award vindicated; in VII. letters, containing extracts from the arbitration evidence of 1841William Fothergill Cooke, Sir Charles Wheatstone Simpkin, Marshall, 1868 - 131 pagine
The attention of architects, builders, manufacturers, etc., is directed to the new system of magneto-electric bell British Telegraph Manufactory, Sir Charles Wheatstone  s.n. - 12 pagine
Le siphon-enregistreur ou syphon recorder de Sir Wm. Thomson [sic]: pour l'échange des signaux électriques par les long cables sous-marins A. L. Ternant, Baron William Thomson Kelvin, Sir Charles Wheatstone Barlatier-Feissat, 1876 - 29 pagine
Wheatstone, Charles. (1879). Scientific Papers of Sir Charles Wheatstone. Physical Society of London, London. (2)
Specification of Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke: electric telegraphs  Sir Charles Wheatstone, William Fothergill CookePublished and sold at the Patent Office, 1885 - 44 pagine
Abhandlungen zur Geschichte des Stereoskops Sir Charles Wheatstone, Sir David Brewster, John Leonard Riddell, Hermann von Helmoltz, Francis Herbert Wenham, Joseph Charles Almeida, John Harmer
W. Engelmann, 1908 - 129 pagine
Brian Bowers, The Life and Work of Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875) with particular reference to his contributions to electrical science. University of London PhD thesis,1974;
Brian Bowers, Sir Charles Wheatstone, FRS, London, 1975.
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