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Sir Joseph John Thomson

Cheetham 18.December.1856 - Cambridge 30.August.1940

 Biographical notes

Joseph John Thomson (1856-1940), Son of a bookseller of Manchester. He studied to Owens College (today part of the university of Manchester) and to Trinity College of the university of Cambridge, where he became Maxwell's pupil. When the degree was achieved, he became a teacher of experimental physics to Cavendish Laboratory and then director to Trinity College (1918-1940). His great discovery has been presented in 1897 during experiments on the cathode rays. In 1906 it obtained the Nobel Prize for his researches for the electric conductibility in the gases. At 1915 in 1920 he was a president of Royal Society.

A pipe to cathode rays analogue to that with whom Thomson dell measured, in 1897, the report between office and mass  electron