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Augusto Righi

Bologna 27. August.1850- Bologna 08. June.1920

Biographical notes


Awarded in civil engineering in 1872, succedette to Pacinotti as teacher of physics close to the Technical Institute of Bologna. From 1880 until 1885 it taught to Palermo, where it had like pupil Orso Mario Corbino. Then it was to Padova up to 1889, when it returned to Bologna to teach to the University. In 1893 his most well-known experimental work began, or the study of the electromagnetic properties. In this period Marconi follows his lessons, obtaining also the permission of attending the laboratory and the library. The meeting will turn out to be fundamental for the birth of the telegraphy without threads. In the last phase of his career it was dedicated to the study of the radiation ionomagnetiche.