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Antonio Meucci


 Florence 13.April.1808- Staten Island -N.Y. 18.October.1889


 Brief biographical history of Antonio Meucci

1808 Born on April 13 in Florence (via dei Serragli, 44 forming part of the num by Chiara. 2722)


1821 He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence

1833 He works as a mechanical aid to the theatre Pergola in Florence.


1834 Bride Ester Mochi theatre taylor to the theatre Pergola in Florence.

1835 Work on the theater Taçon Havana (Cuba) technical him as superintendent, his wife as head costume designer, accumulating, in fifteen years, assets amounting to approximately 800 million lire today.

1846 Make a unit of electrotherapy for pulses

1849 During the experiments electrotherapy Havana discovers the transmission of voice by electricity.


1850 He moved to Clifton (Richmond County in the State of New York) USA Implants a candle factory  steariche,  meets Garibaldi and Colonel Paul Bovi Camps, by exiles after the fall of the Roman Republic.Buy a cottage in Clifton, Staten Island (New York) and, in agreement with Garibaldi implant a factory candles to give employment to many exiles Italians.

1854-55 Make a connection between its laboratories in the room of his wife Ester


1861 Fallen in the hands of rogue speculators, lose the house and all his savings from this moment on its economic conditions are precarious.


1866  In view of the third war of independence in Italy, is appointed by the Italians in New York, Chairman of the Central Standing Committee, to train a corps of volunteers to be sent to Italy.


1871 It seriously wounded by the explosion of the boiler of Westfield ferry remains three months between life and death, loses his job, and from that moment lives charity of his friends

December 12 with three associates founded the Italian "Telettrofono Company" in order to promote its patent, which will take a few months of life

December 28 Presents to the Patent office Caveat (preliminary application for a patent) No. 3335 "Sound Telegraph"


1878-1880 The assistance for the poor Staten Island assigned to a small cash grant


1884 Ester's wife dies

1889 He died on October 18 Meucci