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Heinrich Rudolph Hertz


Hamburg 22.February.1857-Bonn 01.January.1894
experimentation electromagnetic waves
Hertz was a pure scientist, produced the oscillator consisting of a stack of Volta (fig.1) induction coil (spool of Ruhmkorff) two fat balls posed a meter and a half away linked to two small balls placed a few millimeters among them.  The stack provides direct current voltage with a few volts to reel which you load energy which is then transferred to closed at forming a capacitor circuit oscillating.  The energy of the circuit producing a high voltage triggers an electrical charge between small spheres of copper, which discharges To Air emit electromagnetic waves of high frequency.  (1) To reveal the presence of electromagnetic waves from Maxwell theory already invented a simple detector, a spiral of copper with a break of which tenth of a millimeter, and in fact in this interstice shadows sees a series of small discharges show that the emission of electromagnetic waves from oscillating circuit.(1) 
In his honor was dedicated unit of measure of frequency. The name of Hertz is also linked to the discovery of "photoelectric effect", which is the emission of electrons from the metal plates exposed to electromagnetic radiation 
Outline electrical worker of the experiment of Hertz (1886)