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Julius Wilhelm Gintl

Prague 12.November.1804-Prague  22.December.1883

  1853  telegraph transmission  (bidirectional)

Biographical notes (1)

Born in Prague, at the time under the rule Austrian university studies in physics and philosophy will begin in Prague in 1823, and concludes in Vienna in 1829. From 1831 to 36 as private teaches at the University of Vienna, to move subsequently at the University of Graz. Thanks to its scientific reputation enters to inspectorate General for telecommunications Vienna and as a first assignment since 1847 following the installation of a new telegraph lines connecting Brünn in Prague. After just three years of activity was promoted to director inšpektorata.  In 1853 invents its system Duplex and the implements for the first time in the Prague-Vienna line successfully.


Note : 1)Deutsche Gesellschaft für Post- und Telekommunikationsgeschichte