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Michael Faraday


Newington Butts (Londres)   22.September.1791-Hampton Court- Londres 25.August.1867 
Experiments with electric discharges in rarefied gas


The Research Faraday did that the most important experimental scientist of his day were the fields of electricity and magnetism. After the discovery of electromagnetism Oestered of 1819, Faraday reproduced the experiment in 1821 and deepened his studies in this field, after ten years of work discovered electromagnetic induction.  Faraday came to his discovery wrapping around a ring of iron two separate coils.  Connected the heads of a coil (circuit induced) galvanometer, and the heads of the (circuit inducer) an electric battery; closing circuit of the needle stack of galvanometer moved in one direction and opening the circuit was moving in the direction reverse. Subsequently Later Faraday discovered that introducing or removing a magnet from a conductor wound to blows, related to a product galvanometer was a movement of the index, was produced in practice a small electric current was able to obtain an electric current from a magnet , to induce electricity using a magnet. she understood immediately that the production of induced currents in a circuit was not sufficient presence of the magnet, but needed his movement, variation of the magnetic field induced.