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William Fothergill  Cooke
Quadrant Telegraph
Ealing 04.05.1806 Farnham,  Surrey   25.06. 1879


Invention of the Electric Telegraph. The charge against Sir Charles Wheatstone, of “tampering with the press,” as evidenced by a letter of the editor of the “Quarterly Review” in 1855. Reprinted from the “Scientific Review.”. Thomas Fothergill COOKE, Rev., M.A. London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ; Bath : R. E. Peach, 1869.
Historical account of the Introduction of the Galvanic and Electro-Magnetic Telegraph into England
William Fothergill Cooke, Joseph Hamel (Wirtschaftshistoriker, Grossbritannien, Russland), Joseph Hamel (Historien de l'économie, Grande-Bretagne, Russie), Joseph Hamel (Economic historian, Great Britain, Russia) 1859 - 73 pagine
Authorship of the practical electric telegraph of Great Britain: or, The Brunel award vindicated; in VII. letters, containing extracts from the arbitration evidence of 1841William Fothergill Cooke, Sir Charles Wheatstone Simpkin, Marshall, 1868 - 131 pagine
Specification of Charles Wheatstone and William Fothergill Cooke: electric telegraphs Sir Charles Wheatstone, William Fothergill Cooke Published and sold at the Patent Office, 1885 - 44 pagine
F.H. Webb (Ed), Extracts from the private letters of the late Sir William Fothergill Cooke, 1836-1839, relating to the Invention and Development of the Electric Telegraph, London, 1895. Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC Cooke, William Fothergill, 1806-1879; Clark, Latimer, 1822-1898; Webb, F. H 
The stories are recounted in Geoffrey Hubbard, Cooke and Wheatstone and the Invention of the Electric Telegraph, 1965, pp. 101-112.
Cooke and Wheatstone, and Morse: a Comparative View  Brian Bowers PhD CEng FIEE  (Conference on the History of Telecommunications organized by the IEEE History Center and the IEEE History Committee, Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 25-27 July 2001 [2/335])