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Karl Ferdinand Braun

Fulda 6.June.1850-New York 20.April.1918

History biographical of Karl Ferdinand Braun

1850 June 6 Born in Fulda

He attended the Gymnasium "(grammar school) of Fulda.

1872 He graduated in Berlin with his thesis "on the oscillations of elastic strings." He became assistant prof. Quincke to  'Universität  Würzburg  for a few years

Contribute to the music magazine "Fliegende Blätter"

1874 He teaches at St. Thomas Gymnasium a Leipzig.

1876-1878 Professor of theoretical physics at the University Marburg

1880 Lecturer University of Strasbourg 

1883 Professor of physics at the Technische Hochschule in Karlsruhe

Invent the electric Pyrometer

1885 Lecturer University of Tübingen

May 23 he married Amélie Bühler  

1887 Process Châtelier-Braun principle of physics-Braun thermodynamics 

Braun Create in the laboratory Electro meter Braun

1897 It builds the Oscilloscope ray cathode   

Braun transmitter, Patent Nr.115081'

Work at the station radiotelegrafske of Cuxhaven. Find to 1900.

1900 Fonda Company Braun-Siemens in Berlin

Post a booklet with the title "Drahtlose Telegraphie Wasser und durch Luff  (  wireless transmitted through water and air).Polygon (Strasbourg) a radio relay network.

1903 The Kaiser Wilhelm II (William II) called for the creation of a company that ensures the telegraph service for Germany with the help of a consortium of three companies, the AEG, founded in 1899 by Arco group Slaby-radio - telegraphy department of AEG, the Gesellschaft für drahtlose Telegraphie of Braun and Siemens & Halske GmbH and takes its name AEG-Telefunken still exists.

It is recalled at the University of Strasbourg to hold the office of Rector

1909 He received the Nobel Prize in Physics with Marconi

An honorary doctorate degree from the University of Vienna

He died on April 20 in New York.  A Braun is not allowed to die in his homeland: being in the United States for a lawsuit against Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co.. Remains blocked by the war and died in Brooklyn in the house of a child.