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Alexandre Edmond Becquerel 

Paris 24.March.1820-Paris 11.May.1891
 Biographical notes


Son of Antoine César, father and grandfather Henri Jean, Edmond Becquerel belongs to a dynasty of famous scientists.   He was admitted at the same Polytecnique in 1838, but chose to become the assistant to his father, a professor of physics at the museum of natural history.
He graduated Doctor of Science in 1840, in 1852 chaired the professorship in physique du Conservatoire des arts et métiersal. In 1863, was elected in the des sciences, physics section.
His research has covered several areas, notably electricity, magnetism and optics.  You can cite his work on the laws of decompositions electrochemical bodies, on the properties of the bodies electrified ... , From 1849 1855, Studied the action of magnetism on all the bodies. Finally, his research in optics have mainly focused on the creation of the solar spectrum and the chemical action of light.In 1847,  manages to get a photo with the reproduction of color spectrum solare. Solar. He also studied the fosforescenza and has used this phenomenon to show the infrared spectrum.