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  June 2,1896 British Patent
 Improvement in  transmitting electrical impulses and signal and apparatus therefor   

The Patent No. 12039 which states:  
'Whereas Guglielmo Marconi of 71 Hereford Road Bays water in the County of Middlesex hath represented unto us that he is in possession of an invitation for Improvements in transmitting electrical impulses and signals and in apparatus therefor, that he is the true and first inventor therefor, and the same is not in use by any other person, to the best of his knowledge and belief.'
There follows the guidelines associated with the award of patents. On the outer cover of the patent document is a list of the payments due for patents and regulations regarding the payment of renewals.

The letter is from Carpmael & Sons, Patent Agents, informing Marconi of the successful acceptance of the specifications of Patent No.12039, and informing that the acceptance was advertised in the Official Journal of the Patent Office. The letter ends:
'The application will remain open to opposition for two months from this date, and then should no opposition have been entered, the Patent will be sealed.'